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Pastor Bryan Krick

Lead Pastor

Don't Lose Heart

Outcomes of the New Covenant

Triumph in Christ

Forgiveness is Vital

Easter is the Solution to My Problem

How We Can Endure Criticism

Purposes God has for Afflictions

How Strength IN Weakness is Possible

A Member Values Discipline

Membership Comes With Responsibilities - 3

Membership Comes With Responsibilities - 2

Membership Comes With Responsibilities - 1

A Member is Committed

Who can be a Member?

What is a Church?

Believe My Word

Be Ready for the Gospel


Topics of general interest.





Fruit of the Spirit

Advent 2017


1 Timothy

Characters of Christmas

Choosing What is Excellent - Philippians

Unfaithful People - Faithful God

Away in a Manger

Live Like Who You Are


Songs of Christmas

A Season in the Minors

His Name Will Be Called

Stand Alone - Single Sermons Worth Hearing

Learning TO Lament

Based on material in Dark Clouds Deep Mercy: Discovering the Grace of Lament by Mark Vroegop

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